Why I’m Glad I had a Locksmith

Having a locksmith on hand is not something you think about often. But,they are like waiting for a fire. There may not be many but you are glad to see that fire truck rounding the corner when you are the one burning you know? So, a locksmith is a lot like the firefighter only he or she is not risking life and limb so no insult there to our boys in the firehouse.


Needless to say that the time came to call a locksmith and it was only by a fluke that I had the number. Not having the number is one thing that will never happen again. So, what happened. Let’s back up and take it from the beginning so you get the full impact of the day. I was meant to go to a business meeting at a coffee shop across town. I got there, only to find that the hosts moved the location and even with all the electronics available-I missed the contact. So, the barista at the coffee shop decided to write down the location they went to on the back of a card so I could find it easier. I thanked her and went on my way.

The meeting took way longer than I imagined it would and took me nearly 45 minutes to get there in traffic. It was supposed to be early morning so when I left the first spot to go to the correct location–it was the tail end of rush hour.

Locksmith Services

Once it was all over–I was happy to have made several new contacts and two new clients. On the way home,I decided to go for drinks and an appetizer at one of the restaurants that one of my new contacts invited me to. It was in the neighborhood of the meeting. When the happy hour adjourned I walked to the car, in the dark, only to find that my key had been locked in the car. This is what happens when your morning is upset in the first place. So, first word of advice is keep your cool and pay attention to details!

My new contact offered to stay with me until someone came but she had no locksmith to recommend because she lived out-of-town. As I dug around in my purse trying to find my phone– out popped the card that the barista had written the address of the new meeting location on. And as luck would have it–it was a lock smith.