What Types of Locks are Best

What Types of Locks are Best | Advice from the Pros

There are locks and there are locks. All locks are not created equal. In fact, just because you have a dead bolt on your door does not make it break-in proof. There are ways to simply “bump” a lock and gain entry into a home. Criminals have a special key that is used to manipulate the pins in the back of the lock. It only has to touch the pins and they’re off and then bump the lock with a broom handle.

Best Types Of Locks

They come with a master combination. Everyone in the house can use the master or; they can have their own. This is like having an alarm. If someone moves out or you have an issue where trust or security is breached from someone you know-then the person who holds the master combination can change the master code. There are many ways to secure your home and this is the way to do it. You may have to invest a bit more but you’ll be happy you did.